Alternatives to wiper blades you can use on your Harley

Wiper blades are the most important part of the vehicle as they help in cleaning the windshield during the rain. There are many different kinds of wiper blades introduced these days that can work perfectly in different conditions. For example, if you live in a cold region, you can simply buy the best winter wiper blades from your nearby automotive store.

Most types of wiper blades are available at very affordable rates and they come with several amazing features that can help in making your driving experience more and more comfortable. However, when it comes to talking about the Harley, you cannot think of applying the wiper blades on it because there isn’t much space available for applying the wiper blades.

However, there is no need to be worried, because there are several other ways that you can use to enjoy the same benefits that you can enjoy with the wiper blades. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the alternatives to wiper blades that you can use on your Harley. These alternatives would help in making your ride more and more convenient. Here are the alternatives that you can use on your Harley as alternatives to wiper blades.


The vibrators were designed to make the car’s windshield more comfortable and convenient. But they did not work well on the cars as they required a lot of power to generate the vibrations. Another disadvantage of these vibrators was that they made a lot of noise while vibrating the windshield. So, the automotive experts rejected this technique for the cars. However, the experts conducted some research and found that the vibrators can be more helpful on the Harley because Harley requires less vibration. Thus, the vibrators do not make enough noise when you use them on the Harley.

So, you can freely use the vibrators on your Harley as an alternative to the wiper blades. Make sure that you get them installed by the experts otherwise, they would damage the generator that is installed in your Harley.

Water repellent objects

There are many different water repellent liquids and objects that you can use as the alternatives to the wiper blades. These water-repellent liquids will provide you a clear and clean vision while you are riding on the road. The water-repellent liquids can be a little bit expensive. If you want a less expensive option, then you must consider using the water-repellent glass instead of water repellent liquids. The water repellent glass would provide you the same benefits that you can obtain from the liquid. However, the water-repellent glass is a long-term and affordable option.