Harley Davidson: Producing Premium Range Of Motorcycles

Grungy beard, black leather jacket on the back, bandana on the head, sporting silver skull jewelry and dark shades – there are the stark qualities that describe a biker. Though people have a notion that the biker gangs are criminals, most of them have a passion for riding. They want to rule the roads, and that is why they have bid farewell to settled life. The road is their lifeblood. But the main thing that you need to rule the roads is a mean machine. What can be a better option than the premium motorcycle brand that has been ruling the market since its inception – Harley Davidson!

Who could have thought that an experimental venture, started by William S. Harley along with his brothers Walter and Arthur Davidson, in the year 1930, in an unimpressive shed in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, would bring about a revolution in the bike and motorcycle manufacturing industry? They produced their very first creation in the year 1903. Since then, they have not looked back. Though many other motorcycle companies have come up, none of them have been able to match up to the reputation and the features of this iconic American based company.  Sponsored in part by the Round Rock Roofers.